Saturday, October 3, 2009

I ♥ N Y (Magazine)

I'm never shy about sharing a great review. Here's an over-the-top positive recommendation from our always supportive friends at New York Magazine:

Of all the enticing shops on Hudson Street, the End of History is the only one that attracts the eyes with a magnetic pull. The small, two-window storefront gives way to a visual explosion of vintage glassware—azure lamps, yellow vases, deep-green hurricanes—all categorized by color. The novel approach to arrangement is only a fraction of the allure here: 10,000 vintage pieces make up the world's largest, international collection of mid-century glass and ceramic ware. (The store does sell a few pieces of mid-century furniture, too, but as owner Stephen Saunders is quick to tell, "the primary focus is the glassware.") Saunders will look "anywhere that wasn't communist in the fifties or sixties" to ensure that his collection continues to wow his patrons. Since its opening in 1997, the store remains a favorite of obsessive sophisticates of all sorts: top-notch decorators, shelter editors, West Village townhouse owners, and anyone else who treasures, say, Murano chandeliers or Blenko decanters. — Caroline Callahan, New York Magazine

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