Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chicago Style

A wonderful example of Chicago Arts & Crafts Sterling silver from the T.C. Shop circa 1910-1915. The T.C. Shop,1910-1923 was founded by Emery W. Todd & Clemencia C. Cosio. 8.75 inches wide.
 Arts & Crafts makers in Chicago had their own distinct identity.  The Art Institute of Chicago noted in its Windows on the West exhibition:  "As craftsmen on the East Coast found inspiration in medieval examples of furniture and colonial silver, the Arts and Crafts community of Chicago looked to nature for artistic inspiration -- the prairie landscape and its grasses and flowers. After the 1893 World’s Fair, these artists also incorporated the earth colors, organic designs, and abstracted linear compositions of Native American art."  Today those Eastern colonial and medieval pieces can look dated while many Chicago designs seem timeless and classic.

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