Monday, December 23, 2013

Modern Mayan Masterpiece

As purveyors of fine vintage wares, we rarely find a piece of contemporary glass to be excited about. Chuck Boux is a living American glass artist based in Florida. One of his most distinctive etching techniques is similar to the tradition of cameo glass - a process he refers to as a double overlay. He tells us this was made at least 15 years ago. In 1989, when Boux was 38, he took glass blowing classes at the Experimental Glass Workshop here in New York City. He seems able to adopt any number of design aesthetics and here he has created an elaborate Mayan style battle scene titled The Sack of Tenochtitlan” - realized in vibrant coral and indigo. He has also made custom pieces for the New York Yankees, Time Warner Communications, and The Smithsonian.
12" x 10"

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