Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shopping Guide Pride

We recently had the pleasure of meeting an up-and-coming fashion designer, Arielle Shapiro, who wrote about us for the Shopping Confidential section of the popular website, Racked. Below is an excerpt of the very complimentary entry:

One of my favorite shops in my West Village neighborhood is The End of History. Having been around for nearly 15 years, they've amassed an exceptional collection of vintage ceramics and glassware from the 50s and 60s and even a small Art Deco section that I can't get enough of. Stepping into this spot, I'm reminded why my greatest influence remains my stylish grandmother, whose impeccable taste continually informs my present work. Given the array of gilded Bavarian porcelain and glass vessels from Italy, Scandinavia, and America in every shape and size and arranged by hue, it's easy to see why decorators shop for their clients there and locals like Jonathan Adler frequent EOH for inspiration.

 For the full article go to link:

Ari Dein [Official Site] 

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