Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double Your Pleasure

What looks like matching vases are actually bookends made circa 1960 by Carl Erikson at Erickson Glass Works which was established by in 1943 in Bremen, Ohio. Carl Erickson and his brother Stephen, Swedish immigrants from Reijmre, Sweden, a famous glass center, descended from master glass blowers. Carl learned his trade at Pairpoint Manufacturing Company in New Bedford, Massachusetts where he worked for 20 years. From there in 1932, he went to Libbey Glass in Toledo for four years, then a brief stay in Hollywood. The Blenko Glass Company even hired him as a designer and teacher of apprentices. In 1943 Carl and Stephen Erickson bought a defunct glass factory in Bremen, Ohio. The rest is glass history... resulting in the bookends (or vases?)  you see above!

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