Sunday, April 15, 2012

Robb Reported

There is a excellent online resource called Robb Report which highlights new and noteworthy luxury goods and services...and we have just been added to their roster of high end shopping destinations. Included is a lovely slideshow of photos (one of theirs is featured above) and a lengthy interview. 
This is an excerpt below:

So where does Saunders find his colorful treasures? “Twenty years ago when I started collecting, a lot of these pieces were being sold at yard sales because people thought they were junk. Now, I send pickers to antique markets across the country and overseas because they have become so popular; and I think my shop has really contributed to that,” he says. “I am allowing people to rediscover things. I buy things that I love and re-present them as the luxury goods they once were. Everything goes through a period in which it’s unfashionable, but now that it has come back for the second time, it’s here to stay.”

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